Why did you choose to join the law enforcement profession?

What motivates you each day?

What is it about your job as a law enforcement officer that you enjoy the most?


Every law enforcement officer has a different response to these questions and each one answers the overarching question: #WhyIWearTheBadge.

#WhyIWearTheBadge is a campaign designed to highlight the diversity and commitment of the law enforcement profession. The badge is a symbol of courage, strength, and integrity. With the display of the badge comes great responsibility. So why do hundreds of thousands of men and women wear the badge each day?

Through photos, videos, and other testimonials, law enforcement officers from around the world are sharing their #WhyIWearTheBadge stories and statements. Law enforcement officers are invited to join the #WhyIWearTheBadge campaign and to challenge other leaders, agencies, and groups (such as recruit classes) to share their stories.


Chief Terry Cunningham, IACP President, speaks about the importance of the #WhyIWearTheBadge campaign and shares his response to #WhyIWearTheBadge. Chief Don De Lucca, IACP First Vice President, continues the #WhyIWearTheBadge campaign by sharing his story.

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