The heart of IACP membership is the ability to connect with law enforcement leaders from around the world and valuable resources you need to succeed.


IACP is a global community. This powerful network of leaders from diverse viewpoints is dedicated to advancing the law enforcement profession and can offer best practices and lessons learned for every aspect of policing.



The IACP staff is a valuable resource, connecting you with the resources you need. In addition, IACP provides a number of ways to stay connected with the latest news, information, and resources. 

  • IACP News - Stay on top of training, new resources, events and more through this biweekly e-newsletter. Designed to keep you in the know, IACP News includes valuable information including the latest job postings. 
  • The Lead - Situational awareness if front of mind for all law enforcement personnel. Stay aware of world news through IACP's The Lead - the daily news brief available exclusively to IACP members
  • Social Media - IACP has many ways to participate in real time. Connect on Facebook and Twitter to ask questions, share stories, and join in conversations. Find out about new initiatives, focus groups, training events, and much more through the IACP blog and YouTube channel