By serving as the professional voice of law enforcement, IACP works to ensure that community stakeholders, legislators, and other groups understand issues related to law enforcement  and  public safety and that members and others in the field are able to learn from global best practices. 

Global Voice

International perspective is vitally important to all law enforcement leaders and IACP helps facilitate the sharing of that perspective through a number of forums. Through relationships with other international organizations, the IACP's members turn to each other to answer questions of global relevance.


Supporting Communication Efforts

The IACP has developed key messaging worksheets and other communication tools designed to break down critical topics and outlining how to handle important conversations. 


Policy Center

The Law Enforcement Policy Center works to assist law enforcement agencies in the important and difficult task of developing and refining policy. Model policies are available as an online member benefit.


Center for Police Research and Policy

The IACP has partnered with the University of Cincinnati to create the Center for Police Research and Policy. The Center brings together law enforcement and academics to engage in research that will drive future practices and policies for the field.


Policy Priorities

The IACP embarks on aggressive campaigns to ensure elected officials understand the needs and concerns of the law enforcement community and that law enforcement officers learn from global best practices. View the IACP's latest policy priorities.