IACP working Groups

IACP has a number of working groups that bring together law enforcement professionals from around the world. These groups provide valuable subject matter expertise and guidance to IACP programs, projects, and deliverables. They also serve as a valuable professional development and networking opportunity for members. 



The IACP has four divisions representing distinct membership areas. Divisions provide a conduit between the IACP and the law enforcement community.

Midsize Agencies

State and Provincial Police (S&P)

State Associations of Chiefs of Police (SACOP)

International Policing



IACP sections are special interest groups designed to focus on the specific issues facing a certain type of law enforcement position or operational area. Each section offers a unique array of benefits specifically tailored to meet the needs of its members. Sections share their expertise through publications, conferences and workshops, and online discussions.


Policy Councils and Committees 

Policy Councils, made up of committees, are an important part of the organizational structure of the IACP. The work that is completed by these groups help grow and strengthen the individual members, the association, and the law enforcement profession. Committee members serve as subject matter experts, gather and disseminate critical information, and provide guidance to IACP.


For more information about getting involved in any of the IACP working groups, email participate@theIACP.org