Visiting Law Enforcement Fellows Program

The IACP Visiting Law Enforcement Fellows Program is a highly selective leadership development program devoted to expanding the knowledge and awareness of up-and-coming law enforcement leaders. Those who participate in the program will:

  • Develop the leadership skills of the law enforcement leaders of tomorrow
  • Enhance their subject matter expertise on various topical areas to increase their leadership capacity
  • Enhance  their skills for project management including proposal writing, project leadership, and budget oversight
  • Interact with high-level law enforcement stakeholders and policy makers
  • Strengthen their capacity to solve problems and create informed solutions
  • Gain knowledge of the model policy and training curricula development process
  • Collaborate with other IACP fellows from different agencies
  • Attend IACP Annual Conference and Exposition
  • Author a Police Chief article
  • Return to their home agencies as well-rounded, thoughtful leaders with a broader understanding of the policing profession around the world

Since the programs launch in 1993, the Fellows Program has attracted many fellows from across the country. The program is open to all sworn federal, state, county, local or international law enforcement officers typically at the mid-rank level. A typical fellowship is one year in length; however, the program is flexible when appropriate.  Local housing is available for those interested in the program but do not reside in the Washington DC metro area.

The benefits of the Fellows Program include advanced leaderships skills, organizational leadership skills, and increased capacity for team work. The fellow’s home agency also benefits because it is on the receiving end of cutting edge police policies, training, and research that promote the professionalization of policing throughout the world. The fellows return to their agencies ready to provide enhanced leadership and vision that represent the best thinking possible based on their broader experience in policing at the national and international levels.

Position Availability: Applications are taken on a rolling basis
Contact: John R. Firman, Director of Strategic Partnerships, 703-647-7207,