Each year, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers are injured in the line of duty.

Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and helps us fulfill our vision that traumatically injured law enforcement officers will never feel abandoned.  


Thank you for your support! Every day, we are working tirelessly to help connect, support, and strengthen  and connect law enforcement officers and their families in order for them to thrive after a traumatic line-of-duty injury.

Our programs touch the lives of real people: officers and their families facing a time of crisis. The IACP Foundation wants them to #NeverFeelAbandoned. Be a part of this critical mission by making a gift today.

Contact Diana Wisler Beckmann at  for details regarding planned giving, scholarship endowments (corporate or personal), or with any other question or concern about the IACP Foundation. 



The IACP Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization established to solicit, receive, administer, and expend funds for law enforcement related purposes.  Donations may be tax deductible; please check with your personal tax advisor.  Federal Tax ID #54-1576762